TOLO libraries
TOLO libraries

TOLO community libraries

Take One Leave One - community libraries

Hand crafted in the UK

TOLO libraries

Build a community in your neighbourhood with a bespoke TOLO library. TOLO's can be used for many community sharing initiatives. Fill with books, DVDs, garden seeds, non-perishable foods, jigsaws or what-ever your imagination can think of. We saw these in Canada and since making our TOLO library in the UK, we've had requests to make more. Tolo 1 (aka The Rosie) was the first made from recycled materials and clad in off cuts of feather edge board. Tolo 2 (aka The Caroline) was the first commission and made from carefully chosen materials to weather the British climate. Tolo 4 (aka The Miranda) follows the North American design with a flat roof and, rather than pine, uses weather resistant materials. Choose from a standard design or share you ideas with me and I'll see if I can make it for you. 

Now a mini-library from only £195!

August 2020: Thanks to trade discount with a new supplier, we can now source the highest quality marine grade, hardwood ply for a fraction of the previous price. Fully assembled, painted or paint-your-own from just £195!


Choose one of our existing designs or create your own and we'll make it. Our standard TOLOs are treated with 10-year woodstain but we can supply primed TOLOs for you to decorate yourself.


Connect a community of like minded enthusiasts with your TOLO library. Create your own Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter feed. 


We offer to deliver and install your TOLO, either post, railings or wall mounted. Contact us for a quote.

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TOLO libraries